Payment Due Dates
(Payment are considered late if not paid on or before the listed dates.)

1st Month             Classes start on August 1st
Registration plus 50% due.
Balance paid on first day of classes
September - May  Monthly Tuition
First pymt due September
See prices above
Last Month           Classes end on June 2nd
Final pymt due June 1st
All balances paid in full by June 1st.
Costume pymts    1 - October 1st
2 - November 1st
3 - December 1st 
Recital feeFebruary 1st

Class tuition is per month and per family.

1 Class per week      $65.00

2 Classes per week   $105.00

3 Classes per week   $145.00

4 Classes per week   $175.00

5 Classes per week   $200.00 *Individual Student Cap

6 Classes per week   $225.00

7 Classes per week   $250.00

Additional Classes are $25 per month.

Drop-In Classes and Class cards are available for purchase!

Tuition pricing and payments:  We do not charge for weeks that the studio is not open, for example Thanksgiving week in November.  Over the span of the entire season (43 weeks) there are 39 weeks of classes.  Occasionally a holiday falls on a day when we would normally have classes, i.e. Labor Day.  In this case you are welcome to make up this missed class if there is an appropriate class available, but no refunds are given for holidays, illness and bad weather closings.   Our season begins in August and runs for 10 months with a final performance in June.  This is a year round program and sessions are divided evenly into monthly amounts to allow you to make smaller payments.  We hope and expect our students to stay for the full year and perform with us in our Annual Spring Concert.  If you start after the season begins in August your tuition will be pro-rated to deduct the weeks you were not here automatically.  We don’t recommend starting after the beginning of the year because of space in class and teacher availability but we do understand that this sometimes happens and are happy to have new students join during the year assuming there are openings in an appropriate level class and that the student can catch up.  

Yearly Registration: All students, new or continuing are required to pay a once a year registration fee.  $45.00 for new students and $35.00 for continuing students is due at the time that you register.

Costumes: Every class will perform one dance in our Spring Concert in June and will be required to purchase a costume.  Combo classes that include ballet will also participate in our spring 2018 Ballet and will require an additional costume and recital fee.  Prices are as follows:

2/3 YR Ballet - $95                                                            

Hip Hop/Jazz - $95 (one costume)                                                 

Combo Tap/Ballet Classes - $180 (two costumes)     

Dance Acro - Child Sizes $95, Adult Sizes $100

Beginning Level Classes - $100 each

Intermediate Level Classes $110 each

Advanced Level Classes $120 each          

Specialty Ballet Costumes - $120

*A Costume Deposit of $40 per costume is due September 1st.  You may make a total of 3 payments.  Costume balances must be paid by December 15th.  Pay your costume balance in full by November 1st and save $10 per costume!

Costumes that are not pre-paid cannot be ordered.  

Costumes cannot be cancelled after December 1st and all costumes are the property and responsibility of the studio until the dancer or her family receives them in class.  After receipt of the costume, the family accepts responsibility for alterations and care of all costumes. 

Recital Fees: Recital fees are per family and are due in full by January 18th.  These fees help us defer the cost of our spring performance (recital) including facility fees, set design, backdrops and props, choreography, programs, personnel, rehearsals, etc.  Prices are based on the number of dances your child/children perform in and are as follows:

1 Dance - $50   2 Dances - $70   3 Dances - $85   Additional dances add $10 each.

*Recital fee is due in full on or before January 15th

A 50% tuition payment is due at registration along with your registration fee.  The balance of your tuition for August must be paid on your first day of classes.

Late registrations are accepted if space is available.

This studio does not offer refunds for tuition, registration, costuming or any other expenses.  While you can make payments, if you withdraw in the middle of any month or less than two weeks before the start of a new month, you will be responsible for the full month's tuition, no exceptions.  Late fees and collection fees may also apply when necessary.   We must be notified in writing of any withdrawal or change of class and two weeks notice is required.  Notification via email is acceptable.

Late fees: Class tuition must be paid at registration. We accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. No student is guaranteed a place in any class until registration fee and the first month's tuition is received. Tuition that is more than 7 days late will incur a $25 late fee. Returned check fee is $35 and must be repaid in cash before your child can come back to class. Statements will only be sent to students whose accounts are past due. Tuition is due on or before the 1st of each month and considered past due if not paid in full by the 8th. Please keep up with your tuition payments. 

Drop Ins and Private Lessons: Individual classes can be taken at the rate of $18 each for registered students.  Private lessons are available starting at $20 per half hour for class with a student assistant and $30 per half hour with a teacher.  Multiple private classes can be scheduled and priced as a package.  Please ask the director or your teacher for more information on private lessons.

You may register and pay online @

Payments may be mailed to:
Jane's Academy of Dance Excellence
7203 South Cooper Street, Suite 131
Arlington, Tx 76001

Currently registered families can access their account at any time by clicking here and logging on.  If it is your first time to log into your studio account, please search and find your name to pull up your account.

Questions about fees and/or your account can be sent to 

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