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Every effort is made to keep students of similar levels together. This makes for a fair development of each student based on their ability only and not their age or any other factor. (Children grow and learn at their own rate and personal development should not be rushed or slowed simply because they have or haven’t had another birthday.) Level changes may be made during the first half of the year based on the teachers recommendation and approval of the director. End of the year evaluations will determine the students placement in the next years classes. 

*Level changes are not made based on your schedule or your preference or your child's desire to be in class with a friend.

Studio Policies


Tuition is charged per month.  For your convenience you have the option of signing up for auto-pay.  With our auto-pay there is no additional fees required and the tuition amount is deducted from your debit or credit card on the 1st of the month.  No student‘s place in any class is confirmed until payment is received. *The first payment must include a $45 registration fee per student plus 50% tuition.  Payments received after the 8th are considered late and a $25 late fee will be added. 
Students whose account falls more than 30 days past due will be withdrawn from all classes until their account is brought up to date.
**Please be aware that this studio does not refund tuition or any other fees.   All tuition must be pre-paid and is non-refundable.   If your child withdraws from a class, you will be credited minus the 15 days notice but this credit must be used towards tuition for another class within the same studio year and cannot be transferred to another student unless they are a sibling and registered under the same family.   If this credit is not used within the studio year it will be forfeited.

Proper clothing and shoes are required in order to get the most out of each class. These are not guidelines. They are requirements and should be taken seriously. Dancers who continually come to class unprepared will not be allowed to participate in class and no refunds will be given.

Hair for each class should be secured in a pony tail that will not come down during class.  Hair should be worn in a bun for all ballet classes.

No jewelry is allowed.

*Please see the Dress Code page for more details.

Good attendance is expected and required in order for your child to get the most out of their classes.   While make-up classes are often available, there are no refunds for missed classes.  Children with poor attendance may have a hard time picking up and retaining choreography for their performance so we asks that you make their class a priority all year and especially during our third session. 
Please report your dancers absence (in advance if possible) via phone or e-mail. 
Studio phone # 817-468-1705
Studio e-mail

All classes start promptly on schedule and end 5 minutes before the hour to allow transition time between classes.  Please do not drop your child off more than 5-10 minutes before her class.  Please pick up promptly when class is over.
If your child is in the last class of the day you MUST BE THERE WHEN CLASS IS DISMISSED.   Our teachers and staff also must go home or on to other commitments.  Some of us have young children and live far away from the studio.   Please do not make us wait up at the studio for you.

All students should wear cover-up to and from the school.
Please do not wear your dance shoes out into the street.  This is hard on them and means you will be tracking in dirt and other particles the next time you dance.
Likewise, street shoes should not be worn into the dance rooms.  Even hip hop sneakers should be brought in a bag and put on in the dressing room.
Your child's dance attire should be in good condition and fit well.  Please check periodically to see if you need to replace something.
Please take your young child to the bathroom before class starts so that we can have fewer distractions during class time.
Please provide a dance bag for all your child's shoes.  Please do not let her put any other items in the bag that might be a distraction later.
Please label his/her bag and all shoes or dancewear items.  
Please bring your dancer to class on time and in good spirits.  Your attitude towards their class can make all the difference in how much they learn. 
Feel free to observe from our window if your child is in studio 2.
Please do not enter the dance room for any reason during the class.  If the teacher needs you, she will come and get you.
Please do NOT use the bathroom as a changing room.  There is a very nice dressing room available to use at all times.
Please make sure that you communicate with us when issues arise.  Please report absences via phone or email.
Please help us stay in touch with you by keeping all contact information up to date.
E-mail is our primary way of communicating to our families during the year.  Please be sure we have more than one good e-mail address for you.
Please make sure we have an emergency contact on file, who IS NOT A PARENT. 
A Student is continually enrolled in a class from month to month unless we receive 15 days prior written notice of their dropping the class. If a student wishes to drop any or all of their classes, written notice must be received 15 days prior or the following semester’s tuition will be charged.  No refunds are given.  If they choose, your child may still attend classes during the 15 day notice period. This policy also applies to Summer Camps.  (There is NO fee for changing your camp or class schedule at any time if needed and space is available.)  Notice to drop a class or camp or to withdraw completely from the studio may be submitted via e-mail to or mailed to 7203 S. Cooper St., Suite 131, Arlington, TX 76001.

Jane’s Academy of Dance Excellence
reserves the right to remove a student or family from their classes for any reason, including but not limited to: non-payment, poor attendance, poor student attitude, parental/guardian conflicts or any other conflicts that may interfere with the normal operation of the studio.