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Ages 8 to 18 (Beginner - Advanced Level Classes)
Ballet/Pointe - Black leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt is optional.  Fitted cover-ups or leg warmers can be warn during the beginning of barre with permission from the teacher, pink ballet shoes, Bloch Zenith (preferred) with sewn elastic.  Convertible tights are allowed but must be worn over the foot during class. Hair in a bun.
Jazz/Tap - Solid colored leotard or jazz top with stretch jazz shorts, tan or black tights, black pull-on jazz shoes.  No pants or capris allowed.  No loose fitting cover-ups worn during class. Hair in a pony tail, pulled away from face
Contemporary - Same clothing requirements as jazz.  May have bare feet for class (no socks only).  Caramel jazz shoes or other special shoes may be needed for Spring Concert.  Convertible tights are needed. Hair out of face.
Hip Hop - Comfortable, breathable clothing, such as sweats, long shorts, and tee shirts.  No jeans, tights, leotards, jazz shorts, or bare feet.  Tennis shoes with laces or combat boots allowed.  Accessories such as hats, sweat bands, and bandannas are allowed.
Acro - Leotard with jazz shorts or tights (must be convertible), no shoes, hair in a secured ponytail.

Proper clothing and shoes are required in order to get the most out of each class.  These are not guidelines.  They are requirements and should be taken seriously.  Dancers who continually come to class unprepared will not be allowed to participate in class and no refunds will be given.Hair for each class should be secured in a pony tail that will not come down during class.  Hair should be worn in a bun for all ballet classes.

Ages 2 to 8 (Pre-school and Combo Classes)
Ballet - Solid colored leotard with attached skirt or no skirt, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, hair should be tightly secured in a ponytail or bun
Tap - Same as above, with black patent leather tap shoes, hair in a pony tail or bun
Jazz/Hip Hop - Solid colored leotard, jazz shorts optional, pink or tan tights, pink leather ballet shoes or black slip on jazz shoes.  May wear cover ups such as stretchy clothing that moves with your dance.  May wear lace up tennis shoes with socks

Acro/Contemporary - Solid collored leotard with tights, jazz shorts optional.  Must wear convertible tights for acro.  Hair secured in a ponytail or bun.

Dress Code